Seamless Expense Claims

Monitor your intra company spend efficiently.




Automate to reduce errors in payouts


Ensure adherence to company policies

Time Savings

Instant payouts and approval with just one click

Are you spending countless man hours tracking expense claims?

Simply snap, ping and approve through Spenmo’s expense claims interface

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Is your team tired of doing monthly expense reports and waiting for reimbursement?

Take advantage of Spenmo’s expense claim software, which is integrated with PayNow for instatnt transfers with just one click

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  • "Tracking subscriptions and marketing spends had never been more convenient. Spenmo gives you visibility and control over your company expenses at your fingertips."

  • "Be it a cash payment or tapping the card, everything is visible on the dashboard. Spenmo has made subscription and procurement payments equally easy"

  • "Spenmo offers great visibility to the spending of each team members especially when remote working becomes more prevalent"

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