Manage Corporate Cards Expenses Within Your Fingertips

Unlimited Physical & Virtual Cards - A card for everyone, every team, & every purpose


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Corporate Cards

Unlimited Physical and Virtual Cards

USD Card

USD cards coming soon with 0% markup for USD spend

Card Customization

Customize each card with budgets, policies, and more to maintain complete control of expenses from point of sale to reconciliation

0% FX Markup

Pay in any currency. 0% FX markup when you use our cards

Simplify business spends

Simplifying Offline Business Spends and Hassle-Free Reimbursement Process

Pre-loaded Cards

Capturing real-time data of employee spend, enabling budgeting and easier forecasting. Also reduces the chance of fraudulent spending

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Create virtual cards to decentralise or categorise your spends efficiently


Employee Cards

Give every expense an owner with a spend request and approval process


Manage your business payments better today



Access various credit products

From revolving credit to term loans to invoice financing, we have them all

Match with the best lenders

We connect you to lenders who want you most, when you need them most

Get loan in your account

Credit directly disbursed into your Spenmo account for use

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